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Ad Astra Institute Volunteer Opportunities

    Help bring the enlightenment back to Kansas!

    As a progressive think-tank in a conservative state, AAI needs to make-do with limited resources. Our business plan calls for relying on a combination of paid staff with strong volunteer support, much like ACLU or the Sierra Club. Here's how you can participate.

    (For all inquiries, email aai@adastrainstitute.org)

    1. Use our products and materials

    Read our reports.

      All publication are freely downloadable from this website in PDF format. We will mail printed copes for a nominal fee.

    Get on our public announcements email list. [click here]

    Attend events.

      We are organizing DVD-viewing parties, currently in Lawrence.
      We are planning sponsored conferences and workshops on framing Kansas issues

    2. Become a member [click here]

    AAI is organized as a membership organization.
    Annual dues are $5 Student/senior member, $35 Member, or $150 Sustaining Member.
    The membership meets annually in May to elect the officers and board, review the year, and revise bylaws.
    Any AAI member can attend the monthly board meetings or any committee meetings.
    Members (unless they opt out) will be added to an internal email distribution list for announcements and articles.

    3. Help us maintain our organization

    Join or chair a committee. Or attend without formally joining.

    Start a new committee or activity.

    Volunteer for a service function.

      Help edit newsletters, maintain the webpage, write annual corporate statements, manage a listserve, audit the books.

    Apply for a position on the Board of Directors.

      The board currently has opening for interim appointments which can be made by the board. New appointees will run for a permanent position at the next general membership meeting.

      Duties of board members are: help set policy and exercise oversight, attend monthly meetings in Lawrence or Topeka, serve on a committee or as an officer, be on a separate listserve

    Be a donor to AAI.

    4. Help us produce research and reports

    Attend the research committee.

      The research committee initiates and reviews research in progress.

    Submit a short or longer opinion piece or research paper.

      All submissions will be considered for possible adoption by AAI and publication on our website. (Note: copyrights will remain with the author.)

    Join the panel of outside reviewers.

      Referees will help AAI evaluate internal as will as externally produced research.

    Be a research assistant.

      AAI can use surveyors, data clerks, data analysts, computer programmers, and people who want to learn research skills by doing research.

    Become a paying client for AAI research.

      AAI will undertake contract research on public policy issues relevant to Kansas.

    As funding becomes available:

      Enter a competition to write a paid research paper.
      Apply for a paid staff position.

    5. Help us produce events

    Suggest an event.

    Join an event committee.

    Volunteer as a speaker or facilitator.



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